Best Man Toasts

Although you can have any of your guests give a toast at your Finger Lakes wedding, the tradition is to include the Best Man and Maid or Matron of Honor. With all the weddings I’ve DJ’d and played the piano for, I’ve heard quite a few toasts and I thought I’d share some pointers for the Best Man.

  • Keep it short and sweet: holding folks attention is not an easy task. Unless you are a gifted orator, your speech will be much more effective it is under 5 minutes.
  • Start out with some humor. It helps to tell a joke, but keep it clean.
  • Make sure Grandma will approve. Speaking of keeping it clean, don’t tell embarrassing stories or anything that would make the bride or groom blush.
  • Personal and heartfelt. Thinking about your experiences with the Bride & Groom, it can be really nice to recount some part of their love story. Try to get the audience to go “awwww” :-)
  • Don’t forget to ask everyone to raise their glass. Some people get nervous and forget this part!

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