When to Book Your Wedding DJ

So… You’ve booked the perfect venue for your Finger Lakes wedding. Now what? Many couples immediately start looking for the professionals that can help make their wedding a great success. Depending on your priorities, that might be the music and photographer. The best musicians, DJs and photographers are often booked a year in advance, sometimes more!

Do your homework, but do it quick. The longer you wait, the less options you will have. And when it comes to the music, studies have shown that it is one of the few decisions that can have the most impact on the outcome of your day.

You may be wondering, why is it so challenging to find a great DJ in the Finger Lakes? The good news is that there are actually a lot of DJs, the problem is that very few specialize in weddings. Some DJs prefer to play in nightclubs which means their music is not always appropriate for the varied taste of your guests.

And, if you really want to add a special touch to your day, live music can be a wonderful addition. Although this often requires another search and yet another contract, some DJs are also musicians. Part of what distinguishes my service, actually, is that I am also a professional pianist and offer live music for ceremonies, cocktails or dinner.

Most of my Saturdays are reserved well in advance and I have booked dates 2 years in advance. So I guess if you are wondering when you should start looking for a DJ for your wedding, the sooner the better!

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