Westphal Music FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are your rates?

Current rates depend on the services you require, the date of your event, and the location. Please check availability for more information.

What is included?
  • Non-cheesy, bespoke DJ & Live Piano entertainment
  • Client Music Request System: fun and easy to custom-tailor your music
  • High-end sound system, wireless mic for toasts (or ceremonies)
  • Wireless uplighting, set to any color desired
  • Optional live piano music for ceremonies and/or cocktails
  • Low-key, Friendly, Professional service
  • Specializing in fun, awesome music without wedding DJ cheesiness
How are you different from other wedding DJs?

Many of my clients are seeking both live music and a fun dance party. As a professional pianist and DJ, I offer a simple, one-stop music solution–from ceremony to last dance.

Over the years, I’d heard many stories about less-than-professional, cheesy wedding DJs but it wasn’t until I attended a friend’s wedding that I witnessed how much of an impact it can have.

My goal is to offer the Finger Lakes (and beyond) non-cheesy, professional DJ and piano services that reflect each client’s unique taste and style.

Do you require a meal or take a meal break?

I do not take a meal break as I believe it’s important to always be present–playing the best possible music, adjusting levels and staying alert for special moments throughout your reception. A meal to take home at the end of the night is always appreciated (but not necessary).

Can you work with specific request lists?

Some clients have many requests that they would like played; while other clients prefer to choose a handful of their favorites and let me do the rest–which I am happy to do! My online planner makes it easy to organize all your music choices and timing of events. And yes, there is a do-not-play list. :-)

How do you manage guest requests?

It depends on your preferences. One possibility is to ask for guest requests in advance, either through the invitations, wedding website or my complimentary guest request page. Then we can review everything before the event. During the reception, if a guest requested a song that is a do-not-play, I would politely defer playing the song unless it seemed appropriate–and then I would ask your permission.

Can you create a custom edit of a song?

Sure! I also have a background in music production and have worked in recording studios as a session musician and engineer. Clients have requested edited versions of songs for special dances, which can be very specific. Other possibilities include voice-overs or a creative music surprise.

Can you work with other musicians?

Yes! I have played with guest musicians as well as set up live sound for special guest performances. On one recent occasion, the groom wanted to surprise his bride with a live performance of their song. When the time came, I made sure everything was ready to go and sounded great. Then, as he finished playing (to great applause!), I transitioned to a recorded version of the song so they could dance together. It was very memorable.

What is the best way to reach you?

During the planning process, email is a great way to stay in touch. I also use video chats and can be reached by phone at 845-9four3-0782.

How far will you travel?

I am currently located in Ithaca, NY and I travel within a 4-5 hour radius for most events. Having lived in the Hudson Valley for many years, I do still visit throughout the summer months and have performed at many of the wonderful venues there. Destination weddings are also a possibility–please inquire. :-)

Can you spin vinyl?

Yes. I have both modern digital Serato setups and the classic Technics 1200 turntables. You can have both vinyl and digital which is the best of both worlds: old-school cool with the convenience of a digital library for virtually any request.

Do you take time off?

I perform at events year round, with the majority taking place from Spring to Fall. In the winters, I keep busy in my studio: preparing my piano repertoire, studying music and producing recordings.

I’m always available for clients and folks interested in my services. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you!