Intergenerational Dancing – Awesome!

I recently stumbled upon a blog by Neil Pasricha called 1000 Awesome Things and one of the entries was about how awesome intergenerational dancing is at a wedding. And, as a wedding DJ, I totally agree!

He begins his post asking the question: Have you ever felt too old or too young on the dance floor? And for anyone who likes to dance, it can be a rare occasion when young, old and everyone in between are getting down on a dance floor. It’s not easy sometimes to bring everyone together, you have to know what kinds of music will work for the crowd and when to play it. But ah, it’s a beautiful thing and one of the most satisfying parts of my job.

Neil has also made a best-selling book based off his blog called The Book of Awesome–highly recommended! I’m also enjoying his bestselling book called The Happiness Equation.

Here is an excerpt from his original post:

I think that’s why wedding dance floors are a real sight.

They’re a breeding ground for that amazing intergenerational dancing that’s just so rare and beautiful to see.

You’ve got grandmas slow-dancing with their five-year-old grandchildren to What A Wonderful World, old men crowd-surfing over a pack of sweaty teenagers, snaking conga lines of all shapes and sizes, and circles forming around anyone who happens to be doing something interesting — whether that’s a father and daughter team waltzing in circles or a slightly inebriated bridesmaid shaking her booty with a ninety-year-old great grandpa in a wheelchair.

Yes, intergenerational dancing is a rare and wonderful thing. It’s a magic moment where boundaries are broken and the thumping power of music sort of sweeps us all together into a tiny little place where everything’s just cast aside in favor of living for the moment.


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