NY Banjo Summit in Ithaca NY

This summer I picked up the banjo again and switched from clawhammer old-timey playing to finger-picking style. At this point, I’m still a hobbyist but I think in the near future I’ll be able to offer banjo music for ceremonies and perhaps even a bluegrass trio for cocktails. Most of my practice time is dedicated to the piano of course but there’s something about the banjo that I’ve fallen in love with… It’s also great to have an instrument that I can carry with me anywhere! :-)

So, I was recently treated to tickets for the banjo summit tour which came through Ithaca NY and what a treat it was! Hosted by my banjo hero–Béla Fleck and featuring some of the greatest banjo players in the world. Each musician took a turn showcasing some tunes and their playing styles. Very inspiring!

Bela Fleck Banjo Summit NY

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