The Importance of Uplighting

I bring uplights to every Finger Lakes wedding that I perform at. It can transform just about any space–from ballrooms to marquee tents and I consider them a must-have. And don’t just take my word for it, ask your photographer. Wedding photographers always thank me for bringing my uplights because it helps make their pictures look even better.

Although many DJs offer uplights as an add-on service, they usually need to be plugged in. Thus, you’ll see an extra set of power cords. This is not ideal, especially in tent weddings where no power is available at the center poles. My solution was to invest in a new kind of uplighting that is powerful, led, yet small and rechargeable so they can be placed anywhere without electricity. I can also control them via a remote control which enables me to set them to any color and adjust their brightness. And when it’s time to dance, the lights can easily be switched to a more active mode with the remote.

I include 6 wireless uplights with every reception package I offer because I feel that it is important to have. More are available upon request which can be helpful for large halls or even creative lighting applications for outdoor events. For more info, please contact me at any time.

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