The wedding before the storm

The Saturday just before Hurricane Sandy arrived in New Jersey, I played for the wedding of George and Melissa at the historic Glen Foerd on the Delaware–the last surviving riverfront estate in Philadelphia. For cocktail hour, I enjoyed playing an antique Steinway Grand piano which lent itself nicely to stride piano classics. After cocktails, we moved from the mansion to an adjacent glass ballroom where I DJ’d into the night. Everyone was excited to dance which made for an awesome party. We had a great time!

I love getting feedback from my clients and this email from the Groom really made my day!


We wanted to contact you sooner, but due to the weather we did not have power since Monday.  We are okay and were spared from major damage from the storm…just thankful it waited until AFTER the wedding and glad we did not plan on a honeymoon until the Spring.
Anyway, we just wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC job you did at our wedding.  Everything from the piano playing to the MC’ing to the timing and selection of the music was absolutely perfect to the “T.”  So many people came up to us during the reception and commented on how beautiful the cocktail hour was with the piano playing.  They continue to let us know how great they thought the music was throughout as well.  Honestly, the music was in my top 3 most important things for this wedding and everything you did was exactly what I had hoped for and envisioned.  I read posts on DJs websites about how great they were, etc, etc all of the time.  But in reality 90% of them have no idea what they are talking about, what they were even looking for in the first place, or what exactly made the DJ or the music for their wedding so special.  Coming from a guy who knows his music, knows what he likes and dislikes, and has hated just about every DJ he has ever come across…THANK YOU for raising the bar and making our wedding that much more beautiful, elegant, fun and exciting.  We really cannot thank you enough and we truly continue to receive unsolicited positive feedback about you.  I know it was a long trek from upstate NY and we thank you for making the trip to be a part of our wedding, but it was worth every extra penny for us to have you there and I hope it was worth it for you too.  I really cannot say enough and realize it is causing me to ramble, but if there are any sites in particular that you would like us to provide feedback on please let us know!  If you would like to use anything in this email for your press, PLEASE do so!  We really would like to help provide the best feedback possible so that others know where to go when they need piano or a DJ who will improve their wedding, not ruin it.  I will pass the word along to friends who are planning weddings now and in the future of course and hope to someday use your services again for events in our future.  Thank you so much again!

George & Melissa


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