Wedding Ceremonies at Anabel Taylor Hall

If you are affiliated with Cornell, there are some great options for planning a wedding ceremony and/or reception on campus. For chapel ceremonies, consider either the Sage Chapel or the Anabel Taylor Hall.

Anabel Taylor Hall is located alongside Campus Road and was constructed in 1953. It is a collegiate gothic building with grey stone walls and a high-pitched roof. There is a massive, beautiful organ inside–it takes up the entire rear of the chapel. Anabel Taylor Chapel also has a vintage Steinway upright piano which is what I played at a recent ceremony there. The piano is near the altar which can be helpful as I also accompanied 2 guest vocalists for the ceremony. And since one of the vocalists was a young boy, the organ might have been too loud for the guests to hear the child sing–and he sounded angelic!


Anabel Taylor Chapel Cornell



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